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Services and Pricing: Services


In-Home Euthanasia            $350-400

Additional fees may apply for travel distance, oversized pets, or after-hours appointments

Private Cremation           $275-350

Your pet will be cremated individually and returned to you in an urn of your choosing.

Communal Cremation      $100-150

Your pet will be cremated with a few other pets, and their ashes will be lovingly buried on the crematory property, which you are welcome to visit

Drive Fees                     $25-100 

If you are outside our BCS service area, we may still be able to help.  

After-hours                            $200

Our doctors understand your pet may have declined quickly and you need help urgently. If they are available in those instances, afterhours fees may apply.

Large pets.  $100

Larger dogs require more medication, and sometimes an assistant for lifting please let us know an accurate weight and who may be available in your home to help us bring your large pup to the car. 

Holidays $50-100

Our doctors want to be available to you whenever you need us, but we try to advise planning ahead. In the event that we need to say goodbye on a holiday when we are otherwise occupied with friends and family, or rest, there may be an additional cost for services.

Services and Pricing: FAQ
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