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Meet Our Team

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Colleen Lambo DVM, PhD, MS

Veterinarian and Owner

As a veterinarian who always had pets growing up, I know firsthand how important furry and feathered friends are. They are family members and deserve to be treated as such. My deep love for animals coupled with my interest in science and medicine made becoming a veterinarian an obvious career choice. I graduated from Kansas State, and moved to College Station for a PhD at Texas A&M. I do not have pets of my own so that, as a DVM, I can focus on hospice & special needs foster pups. Senior dogs really have my heart. My goal is to support families in my community by helping aging pets enjoy a high quality of life, and a peaceful farewell. 


Sarah Brien, DVM


I grew up in Hearne, TX, north of Bryan/College Station, and as long as I can remember, I dreamed of going to Texas A&M’s veterinary school. After graduating from Texas A&M, I practiced at a small animal hospital in Braintree, MA, where I further explored my interest in pain management and end-of-life care. I am thankful to be back home in Aggieland and serving this community. Outside of work, my chihuahua mix, Evie, and I can be found going on walks, doing agility classes, and watching reality TV together. My pets, both past and present, are a source of joy, companionship, and strength for me. My mission as a veterinarian is to decrease suffering, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to offer comfort to pets and to the people who love them.

About: Meet the Team


What Our Clients Say

Tamra Shipman

When our loving and sweet Clyde was diagnosed with cancer, he was only given a few weeks. We were hurting, but didn't want Clyde to suffer. Dr. Colleen came out the same day we called her. She was very kind, compassionate, and helpful. Our sweet Clyde passed at our home, surrounded by his loving family, his favorite toy, and on his comfy bed. There was no stress or fear. Only tears and love. Dr. Colleen made Clyde's passing a peaceful one.

Alyssa Williard

At Peace BCS was the best choice for my poor sick fur baby. Dr. Colleen was beyond caring, respectful of my wishes, and compassionate. She came all the way to Magnolia to help relieve my kitty's suffering. It was the most beautiful passing he and I could have asked for. He even loved on Dr. Colleen prior, as if to say thank you. I highly recommend this service to anyone who has to make this brave yet hard decision.

Troy Barnes

I dreaded the day our family would have to say goodbye to our precious family member, Indy. I wanted to put it off as long as possible, but wanted to make sure he didn’t suffer. I wanted him to have a peaceful, loving last few moments to share with us. But I’m not a vet, and I didn’t know how to manage any of that. Without Dr Colleen, I don’t think any of that would’ve been possible. In fact, we thought we were going to have to put him down 3 months earlier, but Dr Colleen gave us great advice and extended our time together! Indy’s last moments with us were full of love, peace, and food, and void of any pain or suffering because Dr Colleen guided us through every part of the process for months. We can’t thank her enough for her help or recommend her highly enough. We are so thankful for her gentle soul helping us say goodbye to our precious and gentle soul.

Jessica Jones

This is a wonderful service - they gave our cat a gentle and peaceful end at home and handled everything beautifully and thoughtfully.

Whitney Holt

I wish more people knew in home euthanasia is an option for when the time comes. My Maggie hadn't been able to comfortably load into a car in nearly a year, and in her last week took a hard and fast turn for the worse. I needed someone who was willing to be both flexible and patient without compromising care. Being able to have someone come to the house and avoiding all the stress of new and overwhelming smells/sights in her final hours was the biggest gift I could give my girl. If you’re like me this is up there with the worst days of your life but when it’s the time, I cannot recommend Colleen highly enough.

Ashley Ralph

Colleen helped a friend of mine with the super difficult task of saying goodbye to their best friend, their fur baby, and a damn good dog. Colleen handled the situation with so much grace, patience, and guided them through the whole thing. It feels weird to describe it as a good experience, but Colleen brought calm to a sad and stressful process and made the best girl feel cozy and loved.

Mckensie LeFevre

Dr. Lambo was incredibly kind during what was one of the most difficult decisions any pet owner has to make. She was so thoughtful throughout the entire process, and the care she showed truly made our last day with our fur baby one full of love and dignity. She helped us get through an incredibly difficult day and even reached out afterward to check that we were doing okay. Dr. Lambo's compassion and experience gave our fur baby a peaceful passing and we are very grateful for it. We would recommend At Peace for anyone needing to make this difficult decision.

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