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Memorial Options

Unique ways to celebrate a beautiful life

Paw print

Our veterinarians will bring clay to every appointment to craft a paw print once your pet is comfortable.  Please ask if you would like additional prints, or assitance with making an ink print.


Lock of Fur

The veterinarians will have supplies to collect a fur clipping as another keepsake for you at no additional charge.  We have seen these kept in shadow boxes, or hugged inside a build-a-bear!


If you opt for Private Cremation, there are 3 free urn options for you to choose from. The crematory has hundreds of additional urn options available if you browse their web store, or send them a link for urns you find elsewhere.


Custom Pet Memorials

Dr Colleen is an avid crafter, and has of course found a way to use her skills to support you in your grief, by creating custom memorial items.  Resin jewelry, keychains, and figurines keep your pet close.  We can incorporate ash, fur, photos or names.


We certainly won't judge you for how you choose to grieve or celebrate a life.  The veterinarians have helped families get beautifully curated skulls, collect cells for cloning, plan tattoos, and have made many nose prints.  Let us know what is important to you.


Angel Fund

Pay it forward.  Donate to our Angel Fund in your pets' name to help a family afford this peaceful service.

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